About Us

Seasoned Real Estate Investors

We are seasoned real estate investors with 18 years of experience. From long-term rentals to apartment buildings and a successful short-term rental, we have seen it all.

Our short term rental journey began seven years ago when we ventured into short-term rentals with the ambitious goal of having guests pay for our beach home. As priorities shifted, that “beach home” transformed into a thriving full-time rental.

Throughout our career, we have embraced the evolution of short-term rental technology. Always open to new tools and techniques, we enhanced our rental operations and ensured exceptional guest experiences.

Driven by our passion to share knowledge, we created a newsletter to provide insights and stay current with industry trends. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, our newsletter is a valuable resource.

But there’s more to us than real estate. Based in Texas, we embody the warm and friendly nature of the Lone Star State. With 32 years of marriage, we knows the importance of building strong foundations. And let’s not forget our beautiful (and slightly crazy) rescue dog, adding joy and excitement to our lives. When not immersed in real estate, we love exploring new destinations, creating delicious meals, and playing the fast-paced sport of pickleball.

With our friendly and approachable style, we are your go-to guru for all things real estate. From Texas charm to industry expertise, we’re here to guide you.